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CropSupport is one of four LandSense Engagement Platform’s Services, which support farmers to monitor their crops and enables them to share in-situ data with other stakeholders.

The fast-growing digital agriculture market is redefining the traditional role of farmers in agri-business. In-situ data becomes a valuable new crop to be harvested, while the farmers become the key data-suppliers to Tech & Big Data Analytic industry, scientific community and public authorities. This trend is demanding development of digital tools which will facilitate field observations – collection and share of data on yields, fertilizer use, crop rotation, rainfall and other farm management activities.

Core features

CropSupport is a digital tool that enables farmers to collect and supply in-situ data in exchange for Value-added Agricultural Service. CropSupport is consisted of the web and mobile applications

Value-added Agricultural Service for Farmers

Farmers use CropSupport to collect and supply data in exchange for tailored Agricultural Services

NDVI indicators

CropSupport offers the insight into 4 specific NDVI indicators: Agriculture map, Moisture index, Natural Colour and Vegetation Index. From these NDVI maps farmers can get early warnings for possible stress caused by pests, diseases, lack of moisture or soil nutrients.

Weather forecast

A parcel-based weather forecast allows farmers to acquire valuable and field-specific information related temperature, pressure, precipitation, humidity, wind speed & direction and cloudiness.

Change Detection Service

This service automatically analyses a time-series of satellite imagery to detect potential variations, anomalies and change in crops. Farmers can trigger Change Detection Service for each parcel they observe.

Who can benefit from the CropSupport application?


Agri Business Actors

Scientific community

EO, Tech & Big Data Analytic Industry

The CropSupport tool is developed under the LandSense project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689812.

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