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PRAGMATIC is one of three free-of-charge KATANA technology platforms, and is open to AgTech startups, as well as, SMEs who can showcase, market and sell precision agriculture products & services.

The AgTech space is booming, with fresh players continually entering the market. To rise above the crowded field, AgTech innovators need to convince the farmer to make the switch, and make sure that the farmer will see an obvious return of investment in Precision Agriculture in a relatively short timeframe. Moreover, grabbing farmers’ attention, and getting the conversation started is among the most frustrating obstacles in establishing market presence for many innovative AgTech startups and SMEs.

PRAGMATIC is the go-to online place for AgTech innovators who seek to link up with the wider farming community to sell, buy products/services, and more.

Core features

Pragmatic is the “go to” for AgTech scouting.

PRAGMATIC Marketplace aims to stimulate the adoption of precision agriculture technologies to address some of the key challenges farmers face. AgTech startups and SMEs can offer a combination of precision agriculture products and services, whilst ensuring your offering matches all aspects of agricultural production.

Matchmaking Tool

The Pragmatic matchmaking tool automatically compares the interests of farmers and AgTech service/solution providers. Simply log in, tell us the specifics of your farm operation – type of livestock or crops and finances available – so we can find tailored options to meet your goals.


The Pragmatic Marketplace Calculator provides estimates of implementing Precision Ag technologies. With this calculator, you can enter farm input data specific to your individual operation to estimate how much you could spend on precision agriculture.

Real-time Bidding

The bidding system on Pragmatic works like this: you set a starting price and potential buyers bid on your Precision Ag solutions. The highest bidder wins. Creating a listing is the first step in getting your products and services in front of farmers, as well as industry professionals.

Tailored Storefronts

Your storefront should be consistent with the big-picture story you are trying to tell. Our tools make it easy to add your custom branding: logos, cover photos, and more! The platform is designed for new, emerging startups and SMEs to meet potential new customers, partners (and investor).

Order Management

Your ability to constantly adapt to changing customer demand is your greatest asset. You can process your orders and inventory operations according to your exact business strategy & business model-whether you’re selling direct to farmers, or through dealers.

Advanced Reports

Running an AgTech startup requires singular, focused attention on the business needs of growers—who they are, as well as how, why and when they invest in AgTech. Slice and dice your data any way you want to maximize sales performance and customer retention.

Trust & Reputation

You can allow people to write reviews after each transaction. This helps in weeding out the bad apples and also calls for a greater degree of accountability in your services and solutions. At the end of the day, a successful technology needs to both build trust with, and leverage the power of the farmer.

Products, Options, Variants

No two growing seasons are the same and your products should be adaptable to meet the demands and needs of tomorrow’s farmers. You can add variants when you are creating a product, and you can add or edit variants for an existing product at any time.

Collaboration & Communication

AgTech startups can communicate with the farming community in or near real-time, and discover opportunities to commercialize their products and services well beyond their local market. Farmers can express their immediate and anticipated needs so that AgTech providers can better adjust their offering to the ever-changing patterns of demand.

This platform is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691478

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