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InoSens is comprised of creative individuals with ample experience in proposal writing and project management, user and customer engagement strategies, innovation management, business planning and modelling. It’s with this proficiency that our team is able to solve complex challenges in diverse agribusiness setups.

Our team

Grigoris Chatzikostas


Driven by a bold entrepreneurial spirit, Grigoris cultivates cross-sectoral Europe-wide connections into networks with great disruptive potential. In 15 years he has initiated and managed projects to introduce ICTs into agrifood and environmental monitoring, in value exceeding 95m EUR. He dreams of a world where geeks and farmers speak the same language.

Maša Mimica


Maša has a solid background in finance molded in the corporate sector. She is proficient in financial reporting, cash flow management, import/export, and contracting — all of which she has brought to several large European projects in the role of a financial administrator. Also experienced in event organization, Maša knows how to seamlessly fuse productiveness and bliss.

Vladan Minic CTO InoSens

Vladan Minić


Vladan is a master of the technical. He has a strong research background in wireless sensor networks and image processing, having taken part in several European projects. He is skilled in web development, programming, databases and GIS. Beyond his technical prowess, Vladan is an invigorating source of positive energy for the whole team.

Maja Žikić

Business developer

Maja has a remarkably strong background in ag data and information technology systems. Being an exceptional communicator, she brings a wealth of knowledge in consumer understanding, market research and analysis.

Bogdan Vukeljić

Business developer

Coming from Australia, Bogdan has an array of experience in sales, supply chain administration and customer relations management. Having worked with clients in both Europe and the United States, Bogdan has a keen insight into internationally-focused business and is a natural at cross cultural communication.

Ivana Botić

Office Manager

Ivana has a background in office administration. She loves to organize moreover, she has a unique eye for detail with a touch of OCD tendency. Her experience, coupled with her knowledge in logistics and EU projects helps the team have everything they need to get the job done!

Maja Budimir

Business developer

Building off a background in environmental engineering, Maja has worked in varied contexts from NGOs and government agencies to AgTech startups. Her previous experience extends to rural development, environmental protection, waste management and innovation in agrifood.

Aleksandar Zobec

Business developer

Aleksandar Zobec is a Business Developer at InoSens. Experienced in business modeling and business plan writting, he has completed a Master’s Degree in Innovation in European Business. Points of interests lay in technology fuelled start ups and the uptake of precision agriculture.

Vladimir Mrkajić

Business developer

Vladimir is an environmentalist with professional engagement in academic research, civic and journalist activities. Experienced the complexity of an environmental policy planning and implementation, as well as, the leadership thrill of a successful engagement and empowerment of citizens, organizations, expert and public authorities to work together.

Nemanja Nićin

Project Assistant

Coming from a traditional farming family, Nemanja brings with him long established farming practices which are interwoven with his experience working with the latest innovations within the agrifood business. Like a power forward, Nemanja’s role in our team is to bring a successful game.

Miladin Jovanovic

Business Developer

Miladin, a native German and Serbian speaker, has a remarkably strong background in investment banking and business development. An Austrian business owner himself, he is a highly-motivated and results orientated sales professional. He has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of marketing and client acquisition, client support and project management. Miladin is an excellent communicator with proven networking skills and a genuine interest in Business Development.

Aleksandra Mimica

Business Developer