Mainstreaming Integrated Assessment Models by embedding behavioural change and actor heterogeneity, and increasing their outreach to citizens, communities and industrial actors

Start date: 01/11/2023

Duration: 36 months

Topic: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D1-02-03

Total budget: EUR 4 936 472,50

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CHOICE seeks to mainstream Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) in the Food, Agriculture, and Land Use sectors, integrating behavior change and actor diversity into IAMs using a hybrid approach with a goal to accelerate climate action. CHOICE seeks to reveal how smaller actions can contribute to major climate policy objectives, fostering innovation and effectiveness.


Strengthen IAMs for Climate Policy Support
Contribute to Global Scientific Assessments
Improve IAMs' Quality and Legitimacy
Align Climate Action with Sustainability Goals
Engage Citizens in Climate Action


InoSens plays an integral role in the project. With a focus on communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as on liaisons, InoSens is the driving force behind disseminating project results. InoSens establishes vital links with scientific, policy, and industry entities, to amplify CHOICE’s global impact. It spearheads awareness campaigns, employing CHOICE Ambassadors for maximum impact on climate-conscious change in the food chain. Furthermore, InoSens navigates the post-project landscape by crafting an exploitation plan and business strategy, ensuring CHOICE’s impact beyond the project’s lifetime. In collaboration with partners, InoSens takes the lead, transforming climate action into a shared, sustainable future.