Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry

Start date: 01/09/2017

Duration: 36 months

Topic: ICT-04-2017 – Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

Total budget: EUR 7 087 506,25

Website: diatomic.eu

DIATOMIC is a network of three Digital Innovation Hubs, funded under the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative. Designed as a one-stop shop, DIATOMIC aims to accelerate product and service innovation through electronic components, sensors, smart objects and integrated systems in health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors.

DIATOMIC is built around three sector-specific Digital Innovation Hubs, targeting advanced microelectronics and smart system integration (AME/SSI) technology domains. These are interconnected into a pan-European one-stop shop platform through which European SMEs/midcap companies can access resources and competencies useful for experimentation, prototyping.

Two open calls for consortium Application Experiments will be launched to pull disruptive solutions from health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors exploiting advanced microelectronics and smart systems integration. The first open call closes on June 15, 2018, and the second call will be launched in Autumn 2018.

Following selection and evaluation process, each experiment will enter an intensive acceleration program Design, Develop, Market. Between 15 and 43 high-quality market-driven Application Experiments will be funded. The budget per experiment may vary from €70.000 to €200.000. The call is open to small consortia consisting of 2-3 partners (SMEs (or midcaps) and research/non-industry organizations (i.e. research centres, universities, competence centres) coming together either as technology providers or end users; ) from the EU and H2020 associated countries.

On top of funding opportunities, DIATOMIC pulls together resources and expertise from each Digital Innovation Hub to offer a comprehensive service package: advanced testbed and experimentation facilities, needs-based business and matchmaking services, and much more.

The three-year project is a part of the Horizon 2020 initiative Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE), and brings together technological research centres (Fraunhofer IPA, Instituto Pedro Nunes and BioSense), competence centres (INTRASOFT Intl, Libellium and Synelixis), innovation consulting (InoSens), SMEs community (F6S) and investors (FastTrack Ventures).


Three in-house developed cross–border Application Experiments – testbeds open to developers — to deploy new solutions and test them under real world conditions.
Three sector-specific Digital Innovation Hubs through which microelectronic SMEs/midcaps can look for expertise & support across a spectrum of needs (both business and technical)
15 – 43 market-driven application experiments primarily carried out by SMEs/midcaps, hence fundamental to the adoption of microelectronics technologies in targeted sectors


Engaging with European SMEs to Drive Innovation in Microelectronics

InoSens’ main role in the project is to lead dissemination and communication activities on three different levels (a) PUSH Application Experiments – success stories which help explain why microelectronics technologies are vital to the health and competitiveness of health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors, (b) Promotion of Open Calls I & II, (c) PULL application experiments & solutions accelerated by DIATOMIC targeting advanced microelectronics & smart system integration technology domains. Moreover, during the Market phase of the application experiments, InoSens will provide mentorship and offer tailor-made market-specific business support to entrepreneurs involved in Diatomic’s acceleration program.