Di-Hydro contributes towards harnessing the full potential of hydro-power (HP) plants and clusters in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement, by development of tailored, optimized digital and smart decision-making tools for use in such plants, at scale.


From Decision Support System to transboundary waters equitably among different sectors and users, newly Eu funded project WE-ACT will make a major step towards water efficient allocation in Central Asian Transboundary River


DRG4Food project aim is to achieve trust in a data-driven food system by implementing Digital Responsibility Goals for the food sector. The project works on a clear strategic roadmap, a set technological enablers, demonstration of solutions, a structured funding programme with open calls, and measures to guide and support the food ecosystem of third party beneficiaries, citizens, stakeholders.


CiROCCO’s vision is to establish an end-to-end sensing system, composed of a distributed network of cost-effective sensing nodes coupled with state-of-the-art data fusion remote sensing and assimilation modelling techniques.


Bio-LUSH project aims to demonstrate a reliable value chain that exploit the cell wall structure of underexplored plant resources (forest residues, marine plants and weeds) in Europe to extract high quality fibres.