Assessment of digital governance framework in Montenegro

UNDP project: Digital governance acceleration

Project goals:

  • Support the transformation of digital governance in Montenegro in order to improve the resilience of institutions and increase trust in institutions
  • Support the transition to adaptable, more efficient, and open governance that will place human development at the heart of digital transformation


  • Innovation-based consulting, with the focus on digitalisation and added value creation as well as creation of sustainable business models across Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • The most successful Serbian SME within the H2020 programme
  • Member of global KPMG globalne network: audit services, tax and legal advice and advisory services
  • Extensive experience in working on various topics in Montenegro, deep understanding of the Montenegrin regulatory and institutional framework
  • Design and administration of complex databases, web development, mobile application development, development of Business Intelligence and Data Mining solutions for decision makers
  • Experience in working with public administration and specific knowledge in business analysis, development, implementation and maintenance of data warehouses and Business Intelligence subsystems
  • Leading company in Montenegro in the field of business consulting and economic modeling
  • Specialized in mapping of stakeholders in the field of public administration, cost-benefit analysis, development of feasibility studies, business planning, as well as in data processing and interpretation