Fruit tree Crop REsponses to Water deficit and decision support Systems applications for precise irrigation

Start date: 17/10/2022

Duration:  48 months


FruitCREWS Action addresses the challenges of climate change, particularly water scarcity and increased evapotranspiration in agriculture. Our focus is on fruit tree crops, which face significant risks due to these factors. Our Action aims to understand how fruit tree crops respond to drought stress in different environments. We strive to identify effective tools for real-time monitoring of plant water status and enable growers to schedule irrigation accurately using new technologies.


Identifying cost-effective and user-friendly sensor tools to measure drought stress
Assessing existing models for quantifying plant water needs under drought conditions
Developing efficient irrigation strategies for different crops and environments
Improving existing decision support systems (DSSs) based on generated knowledge and promoting their adoption among stakeholders


InoSens coordinate the three main activities of dissemination, communication, and valorisation, ensuring the effective transfer of knowledge and results to targeted stakeholders and creating societal, economic, or policy impact. InoSens also coordinates FruitCREWS’ Science Communication Plan (SCP) to ensure effective communication of the project’s objectives, activities, and outcomes to its target groups (TGs). The SCP ensures that communication efforts are tailored to the specific needs, preferences, and interests of each TG, using appropriate communication channels and tools.