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PRAGMATIC – A simple step to AgTech Go-TO-Market Success

PRAGMATIC is one of three free-of-charge KATANA technology platforms, and is open to AgTech startups, as well as, SMEs who can showcase, market and sell precision agriculture products & services.

The AgTech space is booming, with fresh players continually entering the market. To rise above the crowded field, AgTech innovators need to convince the farmer to make the switch, and make sure that the farmer will see an obvious return of investment in Precision Agriculture in a relatively short timeframe. Moreover, grabbing farmers’ attention, and getting the conversation started is among the most frustrating obstacles in establishing market presence for many innovative AgTech startups and SMEs.


Crop Support – Tool for monitoring Agricultural Land Use and Provision of Value-added Agricultural Services

CropSupport is one of four LandSense Engagement Platform’s Services, which support farmers to monitor their crops and enables them to share in-situ data with other stakeholders.

The fast-growing digital agriculture market is redefining the traditional role of farmers in agri-business. In-situ data becomes a valuable new crop to be harvested, while the farmers become the key data-suppliers to Tech & Big Data Analytic industry, scientific community and public authorities. This trend is demanding development of digital tools which will facilitate field observations – collection and share of data on yields, fertilizer use, crop rotation, rainfall and other farm management activities.


Our team is consisting of a network of 40 professionals with permanent or contractual employee status:

  1. Project managers (engaged in the implementation of projects) 
  2. Proposal writers (engaged in proposal planning, writing and networking)
  3. Experts in specific fields (Sensoring, IoT, EO, FinTech, AgriTech, Waste Management, Environmental Engineering, Business Planning, Communication and Dissemination) 
  4. Office Manager (Administration, Finance)
  5. Graphical design team 
  6. Software and web developers
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