Precision agriculture is now changing the way farmers and agribusinesses view the land from which they reap their profits. Precision agriculture is about collecting timely geospatial information to increase agricultural production and protect the environment. Earth Observation techniques are widely recognised in supporting the management of land and water resources and they are nowadays being transferred to operative applications.


Crop monitoring is a crucial operation. With new precision agriculture technologies and high-tech satellite orbiting the globe crop monitoring has been bolstered to new heights. PRAGMATIC has ensured to include many crop monitoring services to facilitate the uptake of these modern technologies by farmers.


All plants need water to grow and produce good yields. Best growth can be achieved only if plants have a suitable balance of water and air in their root zones. Some stages in the growth of a crop are particularly sensitive to moisture stress. The grower must therefore rely on some other method of determining the water needs of the crop to avoid production or quality losses. PRAGMATIC has a wide selection of PA companies that deal with this particular aspect of farming.


High yields are associated with an effective tillage schedule, which entails well-cultivated soil, providing a proper environment for seeds to germinate and roots to grow. In addition, tillage can help control weeds, disrupt pest lifecycles, incorporate nutrients into the soil, and manage crop residues. Right here on PRAGMATIC, there are many options for you to choose from to improve your tillage practices.


With the cost of inputs continuing to rise, it is becoming more and more important to properly manage the application of fertilizer & lime. One way to do this is using Variable Rate Technology (VRT) to apply varying amounts of fertilizer across a field according to the needs of the crop.


Farmers require accurate yield estimation for insurance purposes, delivery estimates, planning harvest/storage requirements and cash flow budgeting. PRAGMATIC has accumulated plenty of options that may help you with your yield estimations.


PRAGMATIC understands not all fields are alike. PRAGMATIC has gathered many companies who offer management zones options to help farmers with better managing and mapping of their farms.