Boosting smart specialization and encouraging Spin-offs in IT across Danube Region

Start date: 01/11/2024

Duration: 30 months

Priority: 1.2 Development of skills for advancing smart specialisation strategies, industrial transformation and transition towards industry 4.0, including cross-sectorial collaborations

Total budget: EUR 2 419 000,00

The common challenge addressed by the SpinIT project is the significant territorial disparities within the Danube Region (DR). This includes disparities in terms of innovation capacity, knowledge and technological development, as well as isolation of ecosystems in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

The project’s impact is threefold: 1. directly impacting supported innovation intermediaries, start-ups, SMEs, and advanced ecosystems;2. reaching, promoting, and involving a wide range of stakeholders in the program; and 3. raising awareness of the benefits of ecosystem linkages and promoting skills development aligned with Smart Specialization Strategies (S3) through effective communication and the organization of events and workshops.

Download the official SpinIT factsheet here.


Connect less developed hubs with the most advanced ones and build links within the participating regions, ensuring greater interconnectivity of DR
Create and engage businesses, academia, policy makers, the public sector and SMEs to connect them with start-ups
Network and peer-learning of the participating stakeholders (start-ups, academia, policy makers)
Stimulate and connect local public and private stakeholders (regulators, policy makers, governments, innovation agencies)


With INO’s vast experience in developing and implementing projects, as well as involvement in the Quadruple Helix model, INO will bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Our proficiency in scaling sustainable agrifood solutions to the market demonstrates our ability to collaborate effectively on projects that span multiple borders. Having achieved success in previous initiatives, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to foster cross-border cooperation and drive innovation in sustainable agrifood.