International Innovation Network for the Development of Cost- and Environmentally Efficient Seasonal Thermal Energy Storages

Start date: 01/01/2024

Duration: 48 months

Topic: HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-01-14

Total budget: EUR 9 537 362.50


Future energy systems will integrate diverse, variable renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels, use sector coupling and waste heat recovery, and interact symbiotically with a variety of users. Seasonal thermal energy storages (sTES) are existential for peak-shaving and load-shifting in these systems and they increase the usability of decentrally generated thermal energy. INTERSTORES aims to achieve successful market acceptance, technological attractiveness and competitiveness by improving performance, cost efficiency and increased reliability. By pooling engineering, (hydro-)geological, environmental, and applied disciplines as well as expertise from different sectors, 14 partners from 9 countries will ensure a high exploitability through technology transfer measures. For this, INTERSTORES promotes the full-scale realization of two different sTES variants. The overarching goal is to prove the international market potential of novel Reno-sTES and Giga-CTES by demonstrating highly favourable techno-economic and environmental performance. INTERSTORES will not only demonstrate the application of planned innovation modules for sTES to the project’s demo sites but also set a major focus on maximizing their replication potential. This will be achieved by complementing technological and digital developments at the demos with research on European transfer sites, regional markets and new business opportunities.


Develop and validate a procedure for transforming re-used infrastructure into a robust and reliable Reno- sTES facility in a LowEx grid
Facilitate and demonstrate safe realisation of high temperature/pressure Giga-CTES and robust integration in regional grid
Improve performance by combination of multiple sTES units and integration of multiple heat sources
Understand and optimise potential environmental benefits from Reno-sTES and Giga-CTES
Demonstrate and optimise two market-competitive, replicable sTES solutions


INOSENS will lead WP7 and optimize dissemination activities to ensure the sustainability of project results as well as to deliver a wide array of communication activities across different target groups using appropriate channels. In terms of exploitation, INO will also enlarge its know-how in thermal energy and sustainability and further develop its management and networking practices, allowing it to improve and expand its services portfolio.