To be successful, a farm must grow as much per acre as it can, reduce the risk of crop failure, minimize operating costs, and sell crops for the highest price possible. This requires, among other things, effective management of input resources like fertilizer, water, and seed quality minimizing the impact of unpredictable variables. Conventional methods like physical crop inspection are time consuming and can be inaccurate. Sensor based Agronomic Advisory Services provide detailed insights into operations and the environment. It assists farmers in making data-based operational decisions to optimize yields and boost revenues while minimizing expenses, chances of crop failure, and environmental impact.


Maintaining crop health is paramount for sustainable agriculture business. With the selection of sensor products designed to monitor crop health, PRAGMATIC offers innovative methods for farmers to conduct precision agriculture and take care of their plants.


There are crucial factors to consider when planning your fertilization schedule and when to apply the selected fertilizer. Innovative products and services are carefully designed, providing sensory information regarding your farm and helping you with fertilization schedule.


In order to determine the correct frequency and duration of watering, sensory products are developed giving you more control over your irrigation schedule.


Pests and diseases represent a serious danger to farmers causing yield losses and threatening food security. Intelligent pest and disease alarm systems help you identify and react in time, allowing you to become more efficient when farming.