Today’s agriculture business is not only about the crops. Optimizing and keeping track of the farms operation is becoming more and more difficult due to higher risks, new stakeholders and regulations. PRAGMATIC provides the essential farm management software to manage complex operations with more control and less uncertainty.


Crop management involves maintaining proper soil fertility, provide good drainage, control other diseases, insects, weeds, and much more. It is important to have efficient crop management to ensure maximum yield production. PRAGMATIC is aware of the importance of an operative, easy to use, crop management software and offers a selection of products for farmers to utilize.


Reinvigorating animal husbandry is essential to sustainably address the global challenge of food security. With a growing population, the threat of climate change, and the demand from consumers to receive healthy food it is more important than ever for farmers to adopt optimal husbandry management software. PRAGMATIC has gathered a broad range of different options for you to choose from.