DRG4FOOD and Foodity joined forces on July 4th, 2023, to host a pre-launch session for their open calls.

Over the next two years, both projects will conduct two open calls each. DRG4Food’s open call is scheduled to commence in October. The combined efforts of these projects will provide a substantial sum of nearly 4 million EUR in equity-free funding, cutting-edge technological resources, and expert business support. This support is intended for researchers, startups, SMEs, social innovation actors, NGOs, and training organizations. The ultimate objective is to bring about a transformation in food systems through the implementation of digital solutions and responsible data practices.

During the pre-launch session, Maja Fišić, the Open Call manager from DRG4FOOD, and Samuel Almeida, the Project Coordinator of Foodity, shared detailed information about the open calls and addressed the inquiries raised by participants.